Being a part of a high demand religion can cause emotional traumas that one may not even be aware of. It can cause a lack of self love, self trust and create the illusion of a barrier between self and God. Mike, Doug and Shelise all grew up in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormonism) and devoted themselves to the doctrine they were taught to be true. After doing extensive soul searching they realized Mormonism wasn’t for them. Years later, they discovered plant medicines, which expanded their view of reality and set their lives on a whole new course.

Through the integration of Mike and Doug’s Ayahuasca ceremony together, they felt it was time to share their stories and help bring together a community where people can heal toxic religious shame through alternative methods, including plant medicine, breathwork, meditation, yoga, dream analysis, and more. They were quickly joined by Shelise, the first enthusiastic guest of the podcast, who became passionate about contributing to the community.


Come along for the ride as they traverse the mystical world looking for ways to explore expanded consciousness, shed limited perspectives, and uncover inner truths. All are welcome to join Mormons On Mushrooms.

Signed with love,

Mike, Doug & Shelise